Celebrating Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the founder of modern Canada, on his 175th birthday

By April 3, 2017March 18th, 2020One Comment

Last November 16th MLI issued my talk in celebration of the remarkable life and achievements of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the founder of modern Canada and one of my personal heroes.

Laurier deserves a venerated place among the historical figures responsible for making Canada the great country we live in today.

As I argue in the piece, “Sir Wilfrid dwells among us through the wisdom and energy with which he shaped politics, institutions, and especially the ideas underlying modern Canada”.

Laurier’s “courage and vision” are largely responsible for some of Canada’s major achievements during a period where he won four federal elections: Opening Western Canada to mass settlement, welcoming unprecedented numbers of immigrants and unleashing a manufacturing and resource boom across the country.

But outside of those accomplishments, Laurier is worthy of our praise for building a foundation of progress and freedom on which Canada today rests.

One Comment

  • Vijay G. Patel says:

    Respected sir,
    may i humbly bring to your good self that history never repeat itself, but on the screen of history, time is ever silently turning over his pages.Therefore, history is still the best educative force for the mankind for years to come and it has its lessons for us also. It is my firm feeling that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is still living in the temple of memory of the canadian people.
    It is my earnest desire to wite a Biopic of Sir Wilfred Laurier, I want to touch the emotions of the canadian people.
    One can ask, why Ichoose Sir Wilfrid Laurier as a subject.
    As I begin to look into his life, I do find that there was much that was not told or known about Sir Wilfred Laurier to the present canadian people.
    Sir, I believe -believe with my sincere heart and mind that every canadian should goes on the pilgrmage to pay humble homage to the Ashes of Sir Wilfred Laurier which is the precious treasure and reminiscences of canada.
    on 20 nov, 1841 In french canadian skies there glowed a star,
    of magnitde the first , that swept its ray,
    Like Bethlehem’s famed flash that gleamed afar, To guide a course, and light the Grotto’s way’,Sir Wilfrid Laurier was the beacon’s flaming fire,
    whose orbit sailed on lines of Right is might,
    Whose Lumination Lesser Light inspire,
    Who Gathered courage at the blazing sight,
    This lone great Crusader undaunted strode,
    To plead the cause of a community,
    Across uncobbled opposition’s road’
    His aim in life’ his one sole destiny, ‘Long LIVE MY CANADA.
    Long live my dear people’
    Long live my children..