Here are just some of the comments received from audiences that have had Brian speak at their events:

“Over the years, Brian has emerged as one of Canada’s leading public intellectuals, a forceful advocate for sound policy ideas that rest on a solid empirical foundation. He is also an excellent public speaker, able to capture and retain the attention of any audience.”

Jock FinlaysonExecutive Vice President, Business Council of BC

“Brian is a talented speaker who I would recommend to anyone who is interested in better understanding the public policy, economic and demographic dynamics that will affect Canada going forward. He has the unusual ability to see big picture forces at play and explain them in simple, compelling language. Brian received rave reviews from our team after speaking at one of our meetings in a talk that ranged from Aboriginal engagement with the economy to the challenges of natural resource endowments, demographic change, immigration and retirement policy. He describes himself as a policy troublemaker but I would describe him as one of Canada’s most engaging policy thinkers and communicators.”

Laura JonesExecutive Vice-President, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

“On October 2, 2013, Brian provided the keynote address at the National Day for the Canadian Association of Healthcare Reimbursement. He weaved together four key drivers of healthcare reform in the 21st century in a way that had the plenary – packed with knowledgeable health policy wonks – on the edge of their seats. As one of the co-chairs of the event, I was delighted to receive a doubly positive review from one participant: “the conference was terrifically interesting, and I don’t think I was alone in being riveted by Brian Lee Crowley.”

Bill DempsterCo-founder, 3Sixty Public Affairs Inc.

“Thank you very much for being the inaugural speaker for our series. We found your presentation, “Sober Second Thoughts: The Canadian Senate in the Democratic Age”, to be both spirited and thoughtful. Your extraordinary experience in such a broad range of relevant organizations and issues clearly makes you one of the best-qualified people to speak on such complex matters as the future of the Senate. Your outstanding ability to talk about the Canadian Crown and the role of the Senate in such a clear, informative and understandable way kept the audience spellbound for over an hour. Your answers to the multitude of Senate-related questions further embellished the valuable content of your talk and delighted and enlightened our members. Indeed the whole evening was so successful that some of those in attendance suggested that you return for an encore presentation so as to enlighten us even further.”

Peter MeineckePresident, Ottawa Commonwealth Society and Allan Jones, Chairman, Ottawa Monarchist League

“Brian Lee Cowley is a gifted speaker who has the rare ability to clearly convey his insights and ideas in speeches that always connect with his audiences. His breadth of expertise allows him to speak with informed authority on a range of topics, from detailed issues involving domestic public policy to the historical scope of forces impacting national and international issues. He uses vivid and compelling examples to make his points and has a clarity of thinking that is the mark of a world-class speaker. I never cease to be impressed by Brian’s ability to focus his talks to relate to his audiences, whether it is a small meeting of high-level officials or a large audience of people with varying interests and expertise. He is equally at home and effective in front of a live audience, microphone, and camera. Even those who may not agree with his ideas are impressed by his intellect and compelling style. We are extremely fortunate that he is affiliated with the Galen Institute as a senior fellow.”

Grace-Marie TurnerPresident, Galen Institute

“Brian is one of the brightest and most poised economic minds in the country. He focuses on what works, is open-minded and is among the most entertaining and educational lecturers I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few).”

Peter MenziesPresident, Menzies Strategies, Former Publisher, Calgary Herald

“At the 2006 IPAC Conference in Charlottetown (“In Search of Democracy”), one of the most exciting events was the session entitled “Democracy versus Solidarity: Public Sector Unions” with Brian Lee Crowley and Nancy Riche of the Canadian Labour Congress. And the reason it was so exciting, Nancy Riche notwithstanding, was because Brian Lee Crowley stood before a packed ballroom, rolled up his sleeves, and knocked the socks off the audience with his insights, observations, humour, and wit on the state of the public sector workforce. Pro or con, everyone knew this was a high moment of the conference.”

Richard KurialDean of Arts, UPEI

“Anyone who has met Brian Lee Crowley understands and appreciates his unique and natural ability to command attention. As Minister of Finance, I have had the pleasure of personally working alongside Brian during his tenure as the Clifford Clark Visiting Economist at the Department of Finance. Brian undertook the daunting task of organizing and facilitating our Pre-Budget consultations. This was no simple task given the politically-charged atmosphere. I can speak with some authority when I say that driving change in Ottawa is not easy. But Brian singlehandedly changed the way we consulted with public-interest groups before budgets, while constantly remaining poised amidst adversity. His ability to lead and command respect encouraged these groups to leave their partisan and personal ambitions at the door. Working collectively with them, Brian developed a system that put our overall objectives as a country first – and those of select interest groups second. I am honoured to have had the pleasure to work alongside such a gifted individual.”

The Honourable Jim Flaherty, P.C., M.P.Minister of Finance

“I’ve had the good fortune to engage Brian to speak to a client organization of mine. He is a compelling speaker, in both official languages, and his time with my client was the highlight of the program. Brian has a clear and cogent presentation style, a style that is powered by a lucid and rigorous mind. He is persuasive, and even for the few who may resist his analysis, they respect his opinion. Not only would I engage him again, I have done so through another organization which I chair.”

Kevin MaloneFormer Clerk of the Executive Council, Government of New Brunswick

“Brian — your speech to the World Affairs Council of Maine was one on the most engaging and compelling presentations I have heard in a long, long time. Your message was one that everyone in Maine, especially our politicians, needs to hear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us in such a masterful way. I hope you will return often.”

Edward S. O’Meara, Jr.Former Managing Director and CEO, Pierce Atwood Consulting LLC, Portland, ME

“As a long time member of Civitas, a society that brings together Canadians interested in political ideas, I had the pleasure of hearing Brian Crowley give three presidential addresses. He is one of those rare public speakers who can engage an audience with his ideas and capture them with his rhetoric. Not unlike Barack Obama, Crowley commands immediate attention with his rare personal qualities of likeable intelligence and effortless mastery of the subject matter. His speeches to Civitas have always elicited rapt attention, generous applause, and later, numerous requests for written copies by those of us who are keen to steal his best ideas.”

Richard HoferBusiness executive and Civitas member

“Congratulations on a superbly orchestrated two days of discussion at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s summer retreat. I was grateful for your invitation but more grateful still for your excellent leadership of our discussion. You made the entire exercise worthwhile. This is first class governing. I am in your debt.”

J. Robert S. PrichardFormer President and CEO, Torstar

“When Brian Crowley agrees to participate in Atlas’s programs, I know I can look forward to a presentation that informs, entertains, and educates. He combines his long-time involvement in the world of classical economics, with his journalistic expertise in looking at current events to offer words that speak directly to the audience at hand.

Crowley has been a long-time Atlas partner, and his presentations have been a contributing factor in the success of Atlas events. He has spoken at Atlas programs for well over 15 years. Our audiences consistently give high marks in their evaluations of Crowley and express gratitude to us for including him in the programs.”

Jo KwongVice-President, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

“Brian is an important source of new ideas, new concepts, new designs. I know from experience that he is a splendid writer and speaker. He gave stirring addresses at two different North America Works conferences that I helped to organize in Kansas City; his talks were widely regarded as highlights of those events. He is one of the key figures in thinking about North America in the 21st century.”

Stephen BlankCo-Chair, North American Transportation Competitiveness Research Council

“Brian is not only one of Canada’s most innovative idea guys but he is a great communicator; he knows when to advance an argument and when to listen to one – a rare talent for accomplished leaders. Brian passionately believes that ideas do matter and their intense discussion are key to building a civil society. Brian creates and facilitates great conversations and he does so with grace.”

Michael van PeltPresident, Cardus

“Brian is not only a true gentleman, but one of Canada’s leading thinkers. For that reason, when I was at PCO, I asked him to speak to senior communications managers in the federal government. As expected he presented challenging and stimulating ideas and perspectives on the Canadian federation. His analysis of key issues is always sharp, penetrating and perceptive.”

Dale EislerFormer Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council, Ottawa

“In May 2006 Brian addressed the Empire Club of Canada. He delivered a tremendous speech, both in terms of content and delivery. His speech was one of the best made at the Club that year. The national press covered the speech, and in fact the Editor of the Financial Post, was so impressed that he published the speech verbatim in the next day’s newspaper!”

John KoopmanFormer president, Empire Club of Canada