“This is a timely and important work - a must-read for those concerned about the welfare of the Canadian and human condition.”

Irwin CotlerFormer federal Justice MinisterFull Quote

“The Canadian political book of the year! With world politics increasingly divided between designers of left and right this book is a welcome reminder that Canadian history, with all its failures and triumphs, is fertile ground for growing new policy solutions.”

Dominic CardyNew Brunswick Minister of EducationFull Quote

“A stunning exposition on the benefits of liberal democracy. This wonderfully-written book belongs in every classroom in Canada. Highly recommended.”

Fred LitwinAuthor, Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue TentFull Quote

“[A] tender, philosophical defence of free societies.”

David FrumAuthor, Trumpocracy and TrumpocalypseFull Quote

“Three cheers for the gardener’s loving gratitude and respectful humility!”

Tom LongMike Harris Campaign Chair, 1995 and 1999Full Quote

“At once provocative and hopeful. Crowley challenges Canadians to expect more from their politicians and civil servants, to fight hard for a better future, and to rekindle their belief in the great Canadian experiment. This [is an] important book.”

Ken CoatesCanada Research Chair, University of SaskatchewanFull Quote

“Crowley helps me understand how the world works today with wit and example.”

Brendan CalderEntrepreneur and Professor of Management, Rotman School of ManagementFull Quote

“Crowley has done it again. The chapter on Canadian health care alone is worth the price of admission. This book is not light but wraps challenging concepts in easy and engaging reading. It’s worth every page.”

Shawn WhatleyFormer President, Ontario Medical Association, author No More Lethal Waits: 10 Steps to Transform Canada's Emergency DepartmentsFull Quote

“Draws the reader into a wonderfully complex, subtle and fun account of why Canada is "a rare jewel in human experience." Astute and brilliant in its insights.”

Conrad WinnFounder and former CEO, Compas ResearchFull Quote

“A warning to us that our prosperity, our ability to innovate, and our ability to choose will be restricted by politicians and officials who think they know best. I recommend leaders in all fields, as well as students everywhere, consider this mandatory reading.”

Doug BlackElected senator from AlbertaFull Quote

“Refreshingly provocative analysis. A compelling delightful read that should command the attention of anyone concerned about the quality of our governance.”

Derek H. Burney, OCFormer Canadian ambassador to WashingtonFull Quote

“A beautiful book which brilliantly asks us to think of governing as gardening.”

F.H. BuckleyFoundation Professor, Scalia Law School, author of The Once and Future KingFull Quote

“Reshaping a conversation and long-held beliefs takes an unconventional thinker and a creative genius. Crowley hits that mark with clarity and accessibility. Crowley shows us something new on every page as he majestically weaves together theory, practice, failure, and success. Storytelling is an art and Crowley is a master. But perhaps he is an even better gardener.”

Bob PlamondonAuthor, The Shawinigan Fox: How Jean Chrétien Defied the Elites and Reshaped CanadaFull Quote

“This book explains why the good intentions of reformers produce so much havoc. Everyone who cares about the future of Canada needs to read this book.”

Tom FlanaganAuthor, Harper's Team: Behind the Scenes in the Conservative Rise to PowerFull Quote

“This [is a] fascinating and important book. At last, a prominent Canadian thinker who recognizes that Indigenous people are no longer on the periphery but at the centre of Canada’s future.”

Stephen BuffaloPresident, Indian Resource Council of CanadaFull Quote

“Crowley invites his readers to recover their ambitions for Canada. This book is not for unimaginative public servants or for politicians and their worn-out orthodoxies. It is for Canadians who demand better governance and better decisions. Reach for the policy tools and instruments that free the mind and the energies of this country, and discover a new approach to policy making!”

Patrice DutilAuthor and Professor of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson UniversityFull Quote

“A truly outstanding book. Canada has not achieved its admired world status by chance and that our greatness as a country can be traced to our past, although not perfect, of which all Canadians, present and future, should be proud. His book should be read by all of our young people entering our colleges and universities who are often unaware of Canada’s real and outstanding achievements since 1867.”

Hon. Mr. Justice Marc NadonFull Quote

“A thoughtful, detailed argument about today’s great political divide between “progressives” and “conservatives.” After reading it, you may never look at your geraniums or a “progressive’s” grand design quite the same way again.”

Hon. Janet EckerFormer Minister of Education and Community and Social Services, Government of OntarioFull Quote

“A must-read for Canadians of all ilks, especially Immigrants for whom the Canadian political system sometimes seems hard to comprehend. Reading the book certainly gave me clarity.”

Raheel RazaPresident, Muslims Facing TomorrowFull Quote

“A passionate defense of individualism. An entertaining sweep of public policy. Very lucid in its structure and the prose flowed beautifully, as always.”

John IvisonNational Political Columnist, National PostFull Quote

“An ingenious interpretive key to success and failure in policy-making. I hope many liberal-progressives read it: they need it most.”

C.P. ChampionEditor, The Dorchester ReviewFull Quote

“A leading voice on our most important public questions. This book reads like a magnum opus. A solid and original work. Liberals and Tories alike should read and enjoy it.”

Jackson DoughartEditor-in-Chief, Brunswick News Inc.Full Quote

“This marvellous book is a paean to diversity, epistemic humility, equality, the rule of law, and tolerance-- the quiet greatness of this fine country.”

Joanna BaronExecutive Director, Canadian Constitution FoundationFull Quote

“A rare public intellectual [who] takes a panoramic view of Canada’s glorious achievements and charts a course for a future that will ensure Canada’s continued glory as a free society. [He] delves deep into the process of nation-building and offers breathtakingly non-partisan and original solutions to ensure that Canada thrives and Canadians prosper in the 21st century and beyond.”

Anil ShahChair, Canada-India FoundationFull Quote

“As Dr. Crowley so accurately points out in this book, societies are more like gardens, to be nurtured and cultivated. Gardens can be full of dirt and weed – but they are also full of life in all its splendour and complex majesty. As politicians, we should nurture more than engineer, cultivate more than speculate and not be afraid of that which does not fit into the narrow mould of contemporary times. I highly recommend Dr. Crowley’s very humane book to everyone who wishes to expand their understanding of our societies and what drives them forward.”

Sven Otto LittorinFormer Swedish Minister for EmploymentFull Quote

“Crowley has provided a timely reminder of the case for classical liberalism. Canada has its share of problems. But as Crowley reminds us, unlike most other countries, we also have admirable institutions and freedoms which have evolved over hundreds of years to provide us with a free and prosperous society almost without peer and without parallel in history. He effectively makes the case with practical illustrations that our best path forward starts with acknowledging the power of our institutions, extending them to people who do not yet fully benefit from them, and unleashing the knowledge and power of our people, respecting society as a garden to be nurtured and shaped from the bottom, not as a machine to be directed from the top. Canadian society is a rare jewel – today and throughout history – and we need to heed Crowley’s message that it is one that can’t be lightly tossed aside.”

Vaughn MacLellanPartner, DLA PiperFull Quote

“Terrific new book. Creative, comprehensive, and eminently readable, Gardeners versus Designers profiles the visions battling for the future of our country.”

Bruce PardyProfessor of Law, Queen’s UniversityFull Quote