Next, the fourth in my series of National Post op-eds offering advice to the Tories as they prepare to select a new leader. Climate change has proven a tough nut for the Tories to crack but I point out that they are wrong to think that because the left in Canada embraces an extreme climate policy that conservatives must adopt the position that climate change is not real. Canadians think it is a problem, but is rather low on their list of priorities; they are certainly not willing to spend much on it or upend their way of life. But they want to feel smart when they cast their vote and the Tories have managed to position themseleves so that many people feel stupid if they contemplate voting Tory.

“An adult position on climate change would call out the left on its irresponsible claims that we can costlessly decarbonize the economy, wreak havoc on our energy industry and turn our backs on the issues of energy security.”

March, 2022