Brian Lee Crowley

Fiddling while the border cracks

The Toronto Star kindly invited me to contribute to a debate in their pages on the question as to whether Canada has a refugee crisis, especially in the context of 26,000 illegal border crossers at Roxham Road and elsewhere. Even though I am not sure that the word “crisis” is quite the right one, in a nod to journalistic style I agreed to write the piece saying Yes for the Star’s 17 July 2018 edition. My argument is that while it may not yet be a full-blown crisis, all the elements are there for it to become one, as these illegal crossings become only one more sign that Canada is losing control of the border.

As I conclude in the article:

“Regardless of the share of these illegal entrants finally accepted as bona fide refugees, the fact is they are purposely doing an end run around the rules, causing us to lose control of the border. That is playing both with fire and with the liberal Canadian consensus on immigration.”

Don’t blame foreigners, but governments, for high house prices

Sean Speer and I released a paper through MLI on 29 Sept. making the case that the fingering of foreigners as the primary cause of rising house prices is a pure piece of theatrical misdirection. Rising prices in Vancouver and Toronto are a direct result of burgeoning opportunity in those cities (e.g. that is where all Canada’s recent net job creation has been) PLUS a decades long campaign to dry up the supply of new housing. Rising demand + stable supply = higher prices. We laid out the case in an op-ed that appeared in the ROB on the 29th.

Speaking in Toronto on Oct 16th on wealth creation and Aboriginal Canada

The Institute on Governance has invited me to be a panellist at their conference Towards Reconciliation: The Future of Indigenous Governance  to be held in Toronto on October 15th-16th, 2014.  I will be on the panel entitled, “Advancing Reconciliation Efforts in Ontario through Wealth Creation” scheduled
on October 16th from 10:45-12:15 pm.

Book launch event – The Canadian Century

My new book, co-authored with Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis, is out!  I will be talking about The Canadian Century: Moving Out of America’s Shadow, at the GTA launch party in Toronto on May 25, at an event sponsored by Bennett Jones and chaired by Allan Gotlieb. The invitation is below. To RSVP, please click here.

Brian Lee Crowley
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