Brian Lee Crowley

Westac talk on regulatory reform in Calgary, October 20th

WESTAC’s fall meeting in Calgary is on the subject of regulation – as it relates to supply chains and transportation, and the coming Canada Transportation Act Review.
They’ve asked me to open their event on the 20th with a keynote presentation by me on the broad subject of regulation. This is a members only meeting, but regular readers of my work will be able to work out quite successfully what I will have to say!

Ottawa talk on internal trade barriers and setting Canadians free!

The Calgary School of Public Policy is holding an event in Ottawa on Sept. 15th to discuss Canada’s international trade agenda. Fortunately they realise that internal trade barriers are just as germane to Canada’s economic success as international ones and so they’ll be having a panel on just that under the able chairmanship of my friend Ailish Campbell of CCCE. Come join the fun at the Chateau Laurier that day. Details from the School.

Speaking with Bret Stephens of the WSJ on the legacy of 9/11

Fred Litwin (of the Liberty Film Festival fame) is organising a fabulous event in Ottawa (at the National Archives) to mark the anniversary of  9/11. Fred has done me the honour of asking me to appear on a panel with two luminaries for whom I have the highest regard: Bret Stephens, deputy editorial page editor of the WSJ, and Salim Mansur of UWO (and an able debater in our Great Canadian Debates series at MLI. The panel will be on the evening of Sunday Sept. 14th.

Keynote speech at the IMFC Family Policy Conference

I will be the keynote speaker at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada’s Family Policy Conference on March 11, in Ottawa. For more information about the event, including how to register, click here.

Brian Lee Crowley
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