Brian Lee Crowley

Of deficits and infrastructure

One of the signature policies of the Liberals in the last election was their promise to increase substantially infrastructure spending and to run a deficit solely for this purpose. As Sean Speer and I argued in this 19 April 2018 piece for Inside Policy their policy has failed on both counts. Not only have they proven woefully ineffective at spending infrastructure dollars, they have nonetheless run up deficits on a host of other spending.  Ottawa’s approach to infrastructure badly needs a rethink.

An oped in the Globe and Mail about business taxes

Jason Clemens and I have an oped in today’s Globe and Mail about business taxes in relation to the federal election and the country’s future economic prospects.

Reducing corporate income tax to make Canada more internationally competitive and improve the internal incentives for investment, a policy introduced during the Chrétien-Martin era and extended by the Conservatives, is becoming a key issue in the election. The late U.S. senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. Given the importance of business taxes to the election and the country’s future economic prospects, it’s worth considering some facts.

Discussing the election on CPAC

This coming Sunday I will be on Goldhawk Live on CPAC to talk about the election campaign.  The discussion will centre around  the federal party’s promises over the past two weeks of the campaign, and how economically feasible their promises sound  in the context of a large deficit and a healthcare crunch that most agree is headed for a crisis in funding to support our aging population.

Click here to watch the video.

Brian Lee Crowley
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