Brian Lee Crowley

Some other publications

New paper by MLI’s Crowley: Beyond scandal and patronage to serious Senate reform“Beyond scandal and patronage: A rationale and a strategy for serious Senate reform”


New Beginnings: How Canada’s Natural Resource Wealth Could Re-Shape Relations With Aboriginal People


Blue Revolution: Why Canada Needs to do Better at Farming the Seas


The Way Out: New Thinking About Aboriginal Engagement and Energy Infrastructure to the West Coast


Citizen of One, Citizen of the Whole: Eliminating internal barriers to trade with an economic charter of rights


Natural Resources, NationalConfusion: Unlocking Canadian Natural Resource Development


NAFTA: Not about trade, but making things together


Keeping Canada Strong and Free: Military Policy for the 21st Century


Why the World is NOT Running out of Natural Resources


Trading in Superstitions: Mistaken ideas that hold back Canada-US relations


Continental Drift: The waning trans-Atlantic partnership


The Road to EquityThe Road to Equity. Gender, Ethnicity and Language: Impolitic Essays.

Canada in 2020

“Back to the Future: The Fall and Rise of Canada’s Traditional Values in the Face of Demographic Change” , a chapter in Canada in 2020.






 Better Medicine

A chapter (co-authored with David Zitner) entitled “Public System, State Secret” in Better Medicine:Reforming Canadian Health Care.

AIMS - Definitely NOT The Romanow ReportDefinitely NOT The Romanow Report

Operating in the DarkOperating in the Dark: The Gathering Crisis in Canada’s Public Health Care System.

Taking OwnershipTaking Ownership:
Property Rights and Fishery Management on the Atlantic Coast


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The Self, the Individual and the Community: Liberalism in the Political Thought of F.A. Hayek and Sidney and Beatrice Webb (Oxford University Press, 1987)




Brian Lee Crowley
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