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Globe and Mail columns

  • Thinking, not emoting, about NAFTA One of the big public policy issues Canada is wrestling with is whether, and on what conditions, NAFTA can be renewed. Unfortunately, the political class seems more intent on whipping up emotion around the topic than helping Canadians to come to grips with the real issues and how we might turn this mess to Canada’s ...

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Ottawa Citizen/Postmedia columns

  • Interim Super Hornet Purchase: What the Experts Say Ottawa’s plan to buy interim Super Hornets will cost more and fail to give the Canadian Forces the fighter it needs. That was the conclusion of a survey of defence experts MLI published in mid-June of this year. On 19th June my co-author David McDonough and I published an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen laying ...

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Hill Times columns

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Other publications (click here to access the archives)

  • The Canadian Century on Foreign Policy magazine June 25, 2010 At the request of the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine, the co-authors of The Canadian Century produced an article about what Americans might learn from Canada’s experience. That article has just been published and is available here. An audio version is also available. June 25, 2010.
  • Fearful Symmetry in The Taxpayer January 31, 2010 The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s Manitoba Director, Colin Craig, interviewed me about Fearful Symmetry for the Fall 2009 edition of The Taxpayer. The interview is reproduced below.
  • NB Power: Not over till it’s over December 5, 2009 Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water again…Tom Adams and I are back with another commentary on the NB Power-QC Hydro deal. This one is an updated version of the essay we published last week in the Globe, but this one appears in today’s Saint John TJ…and it has already ...
  • NB Power: free, free, free at last November 3, 2009 To listen to the whining of the New Brunswick Opposition and Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams, you’d think that the recently announced deal to sell NB Power, the New Brunswick Crown-owned power utility to Quebec Hydro was a sell-out of the province’s interests. Balderdash. New Brunswick has been staggering under the weight of the poorly managed ...
  • Fearful Symmetry in La Presse September 23, 2009 I was asked by Andre Pratte, the editor in chief of La Presse, to prepare a brief overview of the argument in Fearful Symmetry about how Ottawa should accommodate Quebec in the coming years. Especially because the article (which appeared on Tuesday, 22nd September, 2009) does not appear on-line and is therefore not searchable, I ...



Brian Lee Crowley
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