Brian Lee Crowley

The legacy of Sir John A. Macdonald: He lives on in us….

In my latest column for the Ottawa Citizen I celebrate the opening of Sir John A.’s 200th anniversary year with a paean to our principal founder and his vision for what Canada could be. 150 years after Confederation, Canada stands at the front rank of nations. Given the circumstances of 1867 and the unprepossessing materials he had to work with, you have to admire the guy’s vision and…chutzpah!

Interestingly, roughly a quarter of the Twitter response to my piece has been folks disparaging Sir John as the author of outrages against Indigenous peoples. To them I say that each generation must confront a two-fold challenge: first, to understand and appreciate the legacy we have received from the past; second, to pass that same legacy on improved to those who will follow us. Alas, you churlishly fail the first part of the challenge. Happy to work with you, however, to make sure we get the second part done, including the long overdue reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.


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Brian Lee Crowley
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