Brian Lee Crowley

AEI/MLI Event – Fiscal sanity and political success: Canada proves you can have it all

About this event:

In the 1990s, Canada suffered from the same economic malaise that plagues the U.S. today: slow economic growth, heavy government spending and a rising national debt. Canada’s remarkable turnaround relied relatively little on raising taxes; instead, federal program spending was cut by nearly 10 percent over a two-year period to restore its budget to balance. Its federal government also devolved greater responsibility to provincial governments, leading to a decade of strong growth in employment, gross domestic product and investments. Despite the political challenges of reform, the governments responsible were consistently re-elected both federally and provincially.

This joint American Enterprise Institute and Macdonald-Laurier Institute event will feature a distinguished group of Canadian politicians who managed the difficult politics of this period of powerful reform. The keynote speech will be provided by the Right Honorable Paul Martin, former Canadian finance minister and prime minister, under whose leadership many of Canada’s reforms were enacted. Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, will lead the introduction.

For more information, the agenda, and to watch the event live on September 18, 2012, click here.

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Brian Lee Crowley
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