Brian Lee Crowley

It’s always nice to be validated

Today’s Ottawa Citizen has a letter-to-the-editor from former RCMP and CSIS investigator François Lavigne under the headline: Be grateful for Fadden’s warnings about a clear and present danger.

Discussing the furor surrounding CSIS head Richard Fadden and warnings of foreign influence in Canada that Fadden made last month, M. Lavigne writes, “Fadden is warning Canadians to be more aware of this type of threat (terrorism is not the only game in town). Canada is an open society.”

Good to see that M. Lavigne agrees with me! I wrote, in my June 24th Fadden Files I, “So the long and short of it is that Mr. Fadden’s comments about the danger to Canada are no paranoid ravings, but based on solid evidence gathered from around the world.” At the same time, the Citizen headline essentially repeats my sentiment from Fadden Files IV, “Richard Fadden has done a service to Canada”.

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Brian Lee Crowley
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